Farm to Families

Farm to Families is a new and innovated pre-selected fresh produce box full of California grown fruits and vegetables that reflect each season. The box comes with its very own recipe booklet along with fun food facts, origin of produce, how to’s and health benefits that pair with each weekly box.


For the first time ever tonight, after purchasing the Farm to Families box and bringing it right home, our children are scarfing down fruits and vegetables. I'm literally witnessing history! It has always taken effort to get them to "eat their Veggies"! (Hey there's an ad campaign for you guys! Ha)

- Lesa Jennings

I'm so excited 1st Quality Produce brought Farm to Families to the Valley! You all have made it so convienient for my family. My children ask all week when the box is going to get here, like its Christmas or something! You clearly are doing something right if MY children are eating fruits and veggies!

- Amanda Thompson

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